Nitrogen Inflation

If you like the sound of improved road grip, safe all-weather performance, enhanced fuel efficiency and a long tyre life, then it is time to consider inflating your tyres with nitrogen.

Tyres pumped with nitrogen leak two to three times slower than those filled with compressed air and there is no internal oxidisation through eliminated moisture. At Firestone and Bridgestone Tyre Centre we make it a point to offer you only the best, and when it comes to tyre inflation, nitrogen is the ultimate performer. If you often have under-inflated tyres or simply want better tyre performance, see the team at your nearest branch for nitrogen tyre inflation.

Benefits of nitrogen tyre inflation:

  • Better fuel economy.
  • Improved road grip.
  • Safer more secure all-weather performance.
  • Prevention of internal oxidisation through the elimination of moisture.
  • Longer lasting tyres.