Passenger Vehicles - Touring

Turanza Serenity Plus

The Turanza Serenity Plus EL64 is Bridgestone's grand touring tyre developed for drivers wanting a unique blend of long wear life, ride comfort and lower rolling resistance; with superior wet and dry traction to provide the highest levels of safety with no compromise to driving pleasure.



Ecopia PZX

The Ecopia PZ-X continues Bridgestone's commitment to the environment with its carboNZero certification. Its unique asymmetric shape improves fuel efficiency due to less rolling resistance, improves straight line stability and removes irregular shoulder wear. Bridgestone Ecopia PZ-X is an ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyre.




The TZ700 is a reliable touring tyre that provides an excellent balance between comfort and safety. It offers drivers great stability and safe handling in both wet and dry conditions. With low road noise, increased ride comfort and a longwear life, the TZ700 is a well-balanced tyre.

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