Retread Factory

Tasman Tyres has been retreading in Greymouth for over 50 years.

Tasman Tyres has a modern factory and is continually investing in up to date technologies in order to ensure a top quality product. The tread material predominantly used by Tasman Tyres is made in Kerala in southern India by Midas, Asia's largest tread producer turning out over 3500 tonnes of tread rubber each month and supplying markets including America and various European countries. Midas has invested three specific tread patterns at Tasman Tyres request in order to provide products especially suited to New Zealand conditions. Tasman Tyres is currently the Australasian agent for Midas product.

Tasman Tyres retreads are a true cold process retread as defined by the world renowned Retreader's journal. Any retread vulcanised at 104 degrees or less is a cold cure, any retread vulcanised at a hotter temperature is a hot cure. Heat is the biggest destroyer of rubber and tyres. It is a recognised fact that the temperature where heat starts to affect the adhesion of the tyre casing rubber to the casing materials such as Rayon, Nylon, Steel etc. is 118 degrees C. This is one of the factors that will contribute to longer casing life and higher mileage from a Tasman Tyres Retread. Combining the use of quality new tyres and Tasman Tyres retreads provides the most cost effective solution for transport operators as well as the best possible out come to our environment.

Environmental benefits:

1.Because a high quality tyre can be retreaded a number of times you will reduce the amount of landfill space taken up by a factor of 3,4 or maybe even more. Tyres within a landfill hold water, providing a breeding ground for pests.  Landfill tyres create a fire risk which results in toxic fumes and unsightly smoke released into the atmosphere.

2.Studies show that it takes about one fifth as much oil to retread a tyre as it does to produce a new one, a saving of around 64 litres of oil per tyre.

3. The energy required to retread a tyre is significantly less than that to produce a new one and because of the low temperature cure, a Tasman Tyres retread can be produced using less energy than many other retread brands may require.

Tyre Repair Service

Tyre Repair ServiceThere are many large tyres employed in various industries in growing numbers these days.

Industries using these include construction, civil engineering, Mining, Quarries and agricultural.

Many of these tyres are operating in very demanding conditions, suffering cuts and abrasions that can seriously shorten the useable life of the tyre.

These cut's may not have caused the tyre to deflate yet may be letting in water allowing flex and stress to damage the tyre.  This can lead to problems later which may shorten the tyres life or even put the machine and operator in a dangerous position.

Tasman has always carried out a certain amount of repair work on all types of tyres.

Tasman has identified the growing need for a repair service for these larger products and has invested in the Monarch repair system in order to be able to provide this service.

Our repair staff have been trained by Monarch and are skilled at analysing the damage to a tyre and making recommendations on the wisest course of action in order to get your machine back at work as efficiently as possible.